Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Review Chicago Antique Malls: Part 4 - Lake County (Zurko Productions )

This past weekend I had the opportunity to journey to the Antique Show at the Lake County Fairgrounds in Grayslake, Illinois. This is an event run by Zurko Promotions - details of which are on their website (linked here)   A really fun part of summer for me is going to garage sales, flea markets and these outside antique shows. I was super exited to head to Lake Country after a fun girls day to the Sandwich Antique Market just a month earlier. 

Lake Country Antique Show - Photo From Zurko Promotions
I should have taken heart in the photo provided on the Zurko website - that being a very large indoor room with vendors displaying on tables - i.e. not a great deal of larger items like furniture. 

What you see is what you get! Table with lots of costume jewelry, post cards, maps, buttons, bits and pieces. Lots of glassware too. 

There were also about 30 stands outside this main building. Five of which were selling beads - all the same merchandise and same price points. I enjoyed the exterior vendors more - unique furniture, old boxes, garden items. 

Read on the the 4th of my Antique Mall and Fair reviews...

There were a number of items that followed me home - two antique maps from 1860; Mitchell. One of New York City (Lower Manhattan) and the other of the State of California. I like old maps. I have one of every place I've lived. Spoiler - These are sent off to my baby in NYC so that he has some artwork in his place.  

The other items I purchased were antique linens. Four European lace pillow tops and a tablecloth. These will be updated into contemporary sized bed set. Another project for my sewing machine and crafty self. Yeah! I've had dreams of a white lacy bed set - this must be the time. 

Otherwise my camara did the shopping - I found lots of interesting things. Many of which I have inherited and was interested more in the price and in purchasing. 

Antique Fair Price Comparison Shopping - 2015

For each of the items in the photo above I have something very similar at home. That makes it fun to see what the prices are and wonder if I'll sell one day. Well certainly my kids will upon inheriting. For example, I picked up copper boilers and use them as dirty clothes hampers. I have 4 of them. I have my old red wooden sled. It's propped up in the corner by my desk. I also have a very old milk can off my grandfathers farm. I picked up an old rotary phone at a garage sale just days before. I paid $1 - this one was $50!  I have all the old marbles from my grandparents.

Antique Sale Steam Punk Glasses
Also interesting were the old wire rimmed glasses above. None of these had any glass in them. They were being sold for parts.  I have my grandfathers old welding glasses - similar wire construction with yellow glass and leather side shields. The vendor told me I could probably sell for several hundred dollars. 

So I had a nice day of it. If I go back I'll take my bike and enjoy the trails the run past the entrance. 

So many antique malls and shows around to enjoy. 

Happy Days!

Teresa Marie

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