Thursday, June 25, 2015

Review Chicago Antique Mall - Sandwich, IL Antique Fair (Part 3)

Antique Wrought Iron Fencing
I have given a few reviews of antique malls and stores around the Chicago area (link here.) In the summertime there is added adventure to getting to any of a number of larger antique events such as Sunday's at Sandwich Antique Show.  I remember going to an antique market in Sandwich maybe 15 years ago or longer. It was almost too overwhelming and too much to cover in a day.  Today the market is undergoing a bit of revitalization having contracted significantly since my visit years ago. Under new management and a few years into the rejuvenation. I really enjoyed my visit and highly recommend as a day trip.

 We went for the show on June 14th 2015 and as luck would have it the day's weather looked catastrophic from the start. We drove for an hour in an oppressive downpour which lifted in the last 15 minutes of the drive. Lucky Us. 

We arrived near opening at 9AM and stayed until Noon. It was enough time to visit all the booths and buy a few items :)  All the vendors had a nice assortment of antiques and there were few who tended over into "junk", "Shabby Chic" or the old tools/car parts categories.  Moreover we found the vendors friendly and happy to engage in discussions about the show, other vendors, and the items they were offering. 

Here are a few of the items that I found very interesting.
Iron Grill / Fretwork - going into remodeling project :)
Antique Barley Twist Tables which did not come home with me!
Glasswork galore!

After walking the fairgrounds we head into the town of Sandwich both for lunch as well as to check out the numerous antique shops there.  Everyone was having a sale (classic retailing strategy) and the first place we went in had a postcard with addresses of many other shops. That was a nice touch.  The table below was in one of the shops. 

Up-cycled Double-hung Window into Coffee Table

We found the food selections a bit lacking. We both agreed that there was no way we were going to eat at the Walmart or fast food - but in retrospect that might have been the best option. 

Next month I'm heading up to an antique fair in Grayslake area. Can't wait. 

 Happy Hunting;

Teresa Marie

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