Friday, June 5, 2015

Designing 360 Degree garden views

Walled Garden Flower Bed
Something my grandmother taught me about flower gardens was that the design needed to consider views from all angles. 

That is a concept that she mastered not only once but many flower beds and all year long too! 

I wish I knew now what she planted and where - but alas, I just recall the beautiful output of all her hard work.

Recently I saw a beautiful flower bed - brilliant despite challenges with sun and water.  In some views there are not so many flowers but a variation in leaf size and plant height creates interest. 

In one view it was clear that the bed gets lots of shade - flowers craning over into the sun and a bit stunted hosta growth. 

Take a look at the views from each angle - even from above! What do you think?

I really enjoy the three different plants with blue flowers and the addition of the blue glass orbs. too.  The clematis has very deep purple blooms which seem a nice complement to the pink peonies.

I think this must be the back side of the flower bed shown above. None-the-less, it's still really pretty.

The parting shot is from above.  :)

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