Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A Garden Cemetery

Well that's an odd name for a post you say and I agree!

On a recent trip to Germany, sitting in the office and just wanting a break, a coworker suggested that I walk two blocks to a flower shop and then stroll through the cemetery. Yup, that is the go-to place for people in this industrial/commercial complex to take a walk.

As I headed off in that direction, I could see other office workers heading in the same direction - or coming back from that path. How had I never noticed this in my part visits here?

The little flower shop was closed - but I pressed onward.

Sure enough just past the flower shop was a small but well beaten pathway into what appeared to be a wooded lot.

Then Viola!

Much to my surprise - the cemetery was like a garden. So much so that there were watering stations complete with watering cans to facilitate the maintenance of your loved one's garden.  I was told that many if not most cemeteries in this country are that way.

How efficient to have watering locations and watering cans available for the public to use!

Each space takes on it's own personality. Many have heavy use of ground cover and evergreens. Each well maintained and clipped to the space. In the lower right hand side of the photo below - one takes on a bit more natural approach.

Aisle after aisle of both beautiful garden-ettes, and wonderful memories of loved ones. I ran into a few people who were gardening. I talked to one woman who was placing flowers on a grave who said that she didn't know the person - but every time she takes a walk here she places flowers on a different grave to thank them for sharing their home with her. The prevalence of fresh flowers all over might suggest that she is not the only one who shares that custom.

This space below was one of my favorites - if only because the grave stones were also natural in appearance. Largely unpolished markets with subtle wording included - not only in the large family market in the center-right, but also the smaller stones on either side. 

Take Care My Friends.

Teresa Marie

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