Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring To-Do List for a Cold Climate Garden

I cannot wait to get back into the yard and garden this year. Especially given the amount of snow and cold we've had this winter in Chiberia. So many activities to get accomplished to both prepare my garden for a wonderful spring and start plants off strong!  I thought I would share the items on my list. Oh and please check out my Fall Cold-Climate Garden Checklist too.

Here's my spring to-do list for my Zone 5 /5b cold climate garden.  Check your frost/freeze dates by zip code on this website.

Spring Garden preparedness List:

  • Check the fence for repairs or digging (dogs :)  )
  • Check tools - repair, sharpen or replace
  • Check Garden machines for repair and maintenance (Lawn mower, rototiller, leaf blower, chainsaw)
  • Make sure I've got enough insecticidal soap, deer spray, dormant oil, fertilizer
  • Check repair or replace hoses (sprinklers, spray heads) and put out into yard. Order a truckload of wood chips (free from landscaping companies.)
  • Check that all drains are open and clear
  • Get free manure from local equestrian center
  • Find garden gloves and repair as needed
  • Check garden spray bottles used to apply chemicals