Friday, December 9, 2011

Fern Room Open - Must See It Now (Garfield Park Conservatory)

This past weekend I had the opportunity to walk through the Fern Room at Garfield Park Conservatory.  This was the first weekend it has been opened since the hail damage this summer.

You have to go see it.  It is a totally new experience and perspective on the original design and intent. These pictures below are the waterfall - newly visible are several streams and additional "falls."

Fern Room, Garfield Park Conservatory Dec 2011

Fern Room, Garfield Park Conservatory, Dec 2011

The park district is using this opportunity to refresh the plantings with more unique ferns and period items.  Also to add much needed nutrients and adjuvents to the soil In several areas the plantings have been removed - and it's under design. However, don't take that as a negative as if there is nothing to see!

Since the plants have been reduced - what you can now see and appreciate are several rock outcroppings and structural elements from the original installation by Jens Jensen.  I have walked the Fern Room literally hundreds of times, and I was so surprised by the landscape architecture I saw for the first time.  It really gave me a feeling of being there in 1907! Amazing!

The floriculturist told me that within the next six months the flora will once again have flourished. Plus I think that by next spring construction may start anew on the permanent roof for the Fern Room. All that means is that you have a few months to get in there.

Sign up for a tour - maybe I'll be your guide! Or email me and I'll let you know that dates I'm next there.

Singing Christmas Carols!

Teresa Marie