Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Dublin Castle & Garden - Review

Why am I posting so many things about Ireland? Maybe it's because I'm working for a Dublin based company and traveling there perhaps a tad too much...

A colleague asked it I wanted to visit the Dublin Castle and Garden. She had me at "garden."  That said, without having done any research - it was not what I expected. I thought old ruins of a building with some acreage of grounds - similar to Powerscourt.  I learned that the Dublin Castle is really a government building in the middle of Dublin proper!

We first arrived before anything opened - and it was perfect to walk around the exterior, linger in the garden and really absorb the atmosphere. Later in the day there were hundreds of tourists which made it a tad difficult to place oneself back in time to get a feel for the history.

Dublin Castle - Fall 2016
Dublin Castle Tour - Fall 2016

The garden, Dubh Linn Garden,  at first blush, I thought it small and rather disheveled. It is tucked behind the Dublin Castle. It's a jumble of formal garden, Celtic maze and raw natural areas. There are some very interesting sculptures scattered around. It is accessible before the other buildings open and nice to view without lots of people around. When I learned that the garden doubles as a  helicopter landing pad I thought, given the dual purpose of the space, they had done an excellent job! So much better than a sterile patch of pavement. Sadly the garden did not lend itself to photos...

The castle underground was very interesting - worth the additional tour fee. Nice to get more understanding of the history and see old sections. Again - not very photogenic.

The church was a favorite - if only for the wonderful linen-fold woodwork. You know I'm a fan of old oak!. Reminded me of the details I found in Trinity Library. It started construction in 1807 and took nearly 7 years to build this chapel. The stained glass was bought in Paris but came from Russia. Somehow I think that is a great deal of miles on stained glass - it works well :)  The tour guide said there is a secret passage in the church - but didn't elaborate.

Church of The Most Holy Trinity, Dublin, 2016
Oak Details - Dublin Castle Chapel, 2016
Dublin Castle Chapel - oak details, 2016
Dublin Castle Chapel, Organ gift from Prince Albert, Tour 2016
The State Apartment house the government offices and Entertainment rooms. Lots of nice antiques here too :) Below photos of nice pieces and the Throne Room.

Dublin Castle Throne Room, Tour 2016
This was a nice time at the Castle - all in maybe a few hours. Great to hit it early in the day to avoid the crowds.

Have fun;

Teresa Marie

The state / government sections...

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