Sunday, December 7, 2014

DIY Holiday Ornaments

Folded Fabric Ornaments
Over the years I have been inspired to create homemade holiday ornaments. My grandmother was exceptional at this creative effort! I think this year it was a combination of things - first I'm feeling nostalgic, next I continue to want my children to have reminder each Holiday, and lastly, I wanted to clean out my craft room :)

Please see below come of the items created! All are fairly easy to make with simple tools such as glue gun, sewing machine, and scissors!

The ornament pictured above is simply 3" squares of fabric folded and pinned onto a styrofoam ball. I picked up an easy tutorial on this site.  There are many examples online. I also used unconventional fabrics on some. The bias tape on the sides I made of complementary fabric and on some I even printed holiday greetings. 

I also followed the instructions on this site to make a flat folded star ornament. I used extremely bright fabric for mine - and the kids loved it!

Folded fabric start ornament DIY

The ornament below upcycled wood shavings and toilet paper tubes. The wood shavings (thin strips of wood) I soakedwood was also used inside the ornament. The other shapes are slices of cardboard tube which was cut to the same width as the wood surround. All held together with elmers glue and glitter :) Very easy to make several a night and hand the next day.

Toilet Paper upcycled
into a holiday ornament DIY

One of the first upcycle ornaments I made was the crystal below. We bought an old house that had several non-functioning, highly ornate light fixtures. I peeled off the crystals and placed them onto the tree - and they have been going up ever since! These days the cost of these ornaments is $10-15/each.
Crystal lighting fixture turned into
a holiday ornament

The large felt ornament below used up a decade of left over felt from so many school projects. I later placed beads into some of the folds.  I found the tutorial for this ornament on this site.   I used a 4" foam ball and slightly larger than 3" squares of felt. Placement with just hot wax was challenging so I used some pins as well. After getting all the felt in place I gave the ornament a trim all around to make sure the felt edges were even. (The photo below is pre-trim.)

Foam Pomander Ornament DIY

The string ornament below is super easy to make. This could be a great project for any ability any age. I found basic instructions on this site. Some extra tips - I wrapped the ornament in dry thread and then applied the dilute glue to the balloon. I also did not cut the thread first - I wound it directly from a large ball of twine. I made others with leftover embroidery thread with multiple colors and they turned out nicely.

Twine ornament DIY

I used to find some glassblowing classes and made the ornaments pictured below. It was a fun event and provided better insight into these beautiful items - not as easy as it seems.

I had access to lots of burlap - so I made a few different ornaments with this great fabric. The ornament on the left is strips wrapped around a foam ball. On the right is burlap stretched with a hoop after a stamp was applied.

Burlap ornament DIY

Do you have a favorite DIY Holiday ornament? Shoot a link and let me know!

Happy Holidays;

Teresa Marie

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