Saturday, August 16, 2014

Urban Children's Garden Revisited - Harvest time

In spring I had the pleasure of touring an after-school programs urban garden - which was growing along the fence between two buildings. The photo at the right shows you the location of the garden along the fence.

The kids were so excited to be growing their own vegetables and herbs when I was here in the spring. I was skeptical that there would be produce at the end of the journey - I'm pleased to say they were so successful!

Take a look back at where they started in this blog in May 2014 - and see the results in August in the photos below. This is a wonderful example of maximizing small urban spaces as productive growing areas. I would have never thought that some of the vegetables would grow under these low light and small container conditions.

Here they were successful in growing cherry tomatoes, herbs, peppers, eggplant and strawberries!  And even more impressive - CABBAGE! I have had difficulty growing cabbage in my garden and at least a few of theirs look awesome!

The cherry tomatoes were climbing all over the fence. The kids liked to pop them inside their mouths!  They said the strawberries they are going to transplant to the front of the house.

Container grown vegetables in an urban garden

Cabbage grown in container and along fence

Small space urban vegetable and Herb garden - in containers

These kids are learning a great lesson AND having fun! Maybe I can get them to come and help me next year :0

Teresa Marie

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