Thursday, January 14, 2016

Antiquing in Germany

Friedrichsplatz Square
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I have a number of posts on antiquing and also on some of my travels. Generally I end up seeing lots of botanic gardens while on holiday. This week, as I am traveling in Germany, I happened to come across a street which was filled with antique shops while out for a long walk and a little exercise!

 These shops were in the area of Friedrichsplatz Square - this is from 1800's. Gorgeous arched walkways around the square. Centerpiece garden and fountain. I bet this is stunning in the summertime. Concerts on the square would be fun!

I was ever so pleased!

The stores were very well staged and had such a nice assortment of wooden goods, paintings, furniture and silver. Everything just looked so interesting - and yes, foreign!
Antiquing in Mannheim, Germany

As I often go junking and antiquing in Illinois, the Midwest, the US - I'm am used to seeing a general cross section of items. Perhaps expected - the crock pots, linens, depression ware, oak and pine primatives, etc. So the assortment was just so fresh and new - if that classification applies to several hundred year old items!

Most of the store owners did not let me take photos inside the shops - I hope you can see from the street windows just how much fun exploring in new geographies can be!
Window Shopping - Loved the boxes!!! Mannheim, Germany
Barley Twist Lamp! Mannheim, Germany
Luckily, nothing fit my budget or suitcase!

Just for fun, I've attached below a fun representation of Men's and Women's bathrooms. I noticed the vertical line before I noticed the spheres :) I was laughing out loud and had to take my traveling companions over to see. We were all entertained!

Happy Day;

Teresa Marie

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