Tuesday, September 8, 2015

For the Love of Roses - Dublin Botanic Garden, Review

Rhapsody in Blue Rose
In a recent tour of the National Botanic Garden outside Dublin we walked through the Rose Garden. Virtually every botanic garden I have ever visited has a Rose Garden.  Roses are from China - a great export. The first "Rose Garden" occurred in the late 1700's in France. One avid (and wealth) gardener put in place a garden with over 250 rose varieties.  The Huntington Garden in California is the only the World Federation of Rose Societies Award of Garden Excellence recipient  rose garden that I've visited. 

I generally stroll through and think about how much love roses need - and how I've never been so lucky in my garden. Wild roses, no problem, but more typical roses never seem within my grasp. I enjoy the variety and the aroma! 

Little did I know that on this visit in Dublin, I would find my most favorite rose ever - that being the Rosacea Rosa Rhapsody in Blue - shown above. This picture makes it look a tad more pink.  The quest for the blue rose continues...

Dublin Botanic Garden - Rose Garden, Sept 2015
Take a look below for some of the great rose variety I saw.

Which will be your favorite?

All the photos here were taken in the Botanic Garden just outside Dublin, Ireland in early September, 2015. 


The rose on the right above was my second most favorite. The subtle color changes and unique shades were so engaging!

Does the one on the left above strike you as a bit carnation-ish?

The salmon/orange one below left was my traveling companion's favorite - her second best was the pink one to the right. 

I know I should have probably got all the proper names... shame on me.
There was also a large planing of Dahilas which were very photogenic. You can see those items from the National Botanic Garden in this blog here.

I don't like getting cut flowers as a gift - I much prefer a live plant that I can put into my garden. If receiving roses, I've tended to like white roses. However, a bouquet of all these shades would be so bright and cheery how could they not be loved and well received!

Singing Rambling Rose!

Teresa Marie

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