Sunday, March 1, 2015

Spring Flower Show - Garfield Park Conservatory

For the Love of Tulips
Spring Showing in my Yard
Today I visited the Spring Flower show, entitled Sun Showers, at the Garfield Park Conservatory.  I look forward to spring flower and garden shows to get my creative fix. I also start thinking about the ephemeral and bulbs that will be breaking through in my own yard.  Plus it's just so great to get into a warm space that is bursting with color and fragrance! 

At Garfield Park Conservatory flower shows - one display house, the show house, is taken over by the display items. At times the explosion of flowers also spills over into Horticulture Hall and the lobby. This show was no exception. 

Please  enjoy the photos.  I'm not sure the colors are 100% true, but here are the shots of my favorites :)

Spring Flower Show - Garfield Park Conservatory Chicago, 2015
Explosion of colors - Spring Flower Show

"Sun Showers" Spring Flower Show
Bleeding Heart and White Narcissus - Spring 2015

Narcissus and Azaleas - Spring 2015

I'm not sure what the blue flower above is called - but it captured my eye. I love how the smaller flowers are exploding from the core. Very pretty!

Plant Yourself Here! - Garfield Park Conservatory, Show Room Spring 2015

Can't you just imagine yourself seated here with a nice cup of coffee? I highly recommend visiting the Spring flower show early in the morning. The aromas will be concentrated and the space should be wide open for you to enjoy almost like a private showing (as you can see in my photos!)  Another great option is Wednesday evenings when the conservatory is open later.  I understand there are some great lighting effects going on for the show too.

I came across this folk ballad to a rain garden which I enjoy. The images are nice too. Longbut worth a listen. 

ENJOY! Time for me to get moving and put up the last of my winter sowing before it's too late!

Teresa Marie

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