Monday, November 3, 2014

Review - Chihuly at Denver Botanic Garden

Chihuly - Blue Spiky Glass at
Denver Botanic Garden, 2014
Denver Botanic Gardens presented an outdoor exhibit artwork by celebrated American artist, Dale Chihuly.  The Glass from Chihuly's sculptures – ranging in size and form – added bold colors and dramatic beauty to the Gardens' 24-acre urban oasis.  Chihuly first exhibited glass within a garden setting at Chicago's Garfield Park Conservatory - which houses a permanent exhibit of Chihuly glass in it's Aroid House. 

The glass in Denver was on such a large scale. In some cases the glass over took the surroundings it was so overbearing, beautiful, creative, and yet at times not in sync with the surroundings.  Which is not to say that I didn't love the exhibit - I adore the Denver Botanic Gardens, I think I just had very different expectations.  There was a piece of art glass almost around every corner - so much to take in.  

Take a virtual tour, see what you think from the photos below. 

This exhibit helped the Denver Botanic Garden set record attendance records! On the downside, there were issues with breakage, and at one point even theft. 

The item immediately below looked like a cross between a candy dish (think misshaped jelly beans) or a bowl of gumballs.  Almost too many colors all together. 

"Float Boat", Chihuly Exhibition Denver Botanic Garden, 2014
And now let's start with the spiky glass.
This one looks like the crystalline entity - for anyone that's a Star Trek Fan (Next Generation) The official name is "White Tower."

"White Tower", Chihuly - Denver Botanic Garden

Bathing in Blue Glass, "Blue and Purple Boat" - Chihuly at Denver Botanic Garden

Melted Spiky Glass :) - Denver Botanic Garden

Glass mimicking purple Liatris Flowers

The one that was my favorite is the photo below. The orange and yellow were such high contrast. Plus I liked that it was a big ball - sort of round, but still spiky :) It made me think of a bit marigold or mum.

"Summer Sun", Chihuly Exhibition, Denver 2014

I highly recommend a visit to the Denver Botanic Garden - in the summertime :)

From "that Toddling Town"
Teresa Marie

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