Thursday, July 3, 2014

Garden Inspiration - Residential Wonder

Front entry - circular drive
I had the opportunity to tour a residential garden in Northern Chicago area today.  The home was built in the early 1920's and was one of the largest in the area.  Over the years the estate was subdivided, but this home maintains nearly 2 acres of grounds.  It felt a bit like a European estate - maybe Italian  or English.  The old brick work, bit of moss, vibrant color all welcomed me.

I was so appreciative of the opportunity! The homeowner says that it is her garden that makes her happy - and I could tell. While it looked wonderful to me, I'll tell you that she had a little project for each area I photographed.  Like all of us who continually move things around in our gardens - that's half the fun! 

I hope these photos inspire you as they did me.

Pear trees, hosta and groundcover along roadway

Urns flank the front door

Old stones and ground cover
Interest by the front doorway
Side entryway very pretty
Pool or Tennis Anyone?
A resting spot near the front entrance
Clever mix of Greens and white

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