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Review Chicago Antique Malls - Part 2

This time of year many antique Stores have sales - which is just another reason to go exploring. This past weekend I took a tour through Wilmette, IL and Glenview IL hitting several antique malls and sole proprietor shops. Continuing my series sharing impressions on these locations and providing comparisons and resources for like-minded antique hunters. 

This Blog discussed the following retail locations (links to their websites as of Feb 2013):

1) Antiques & Porcelain by GK (1705 Glenview Rd, Glenview IL, 60025 847-724-3059)

2) Glenview Coin & Collectibles, Inc

3) Collectors Corner Antique Mall (901 Ridge Rd, Wilmette, IL, 847-256-1136)

4) Heritage Trail Mall - Wilmette, IL

5) Josie's (545 Ridge Rd, Wilmette, IL 60091, 847-256-7646)

Exhibit A and  B - High priced seed pods & pots

All these shops in Wilmette are within blocks of each other. Antique shopping on Chicago's Northshore is not an exercise of bargain hunting.  I found several examples of shops that were very pleased with their items for sale. I enter into evidence Exhibit A and B - the $32 flower pot with white paint (hello, I could make that for $2) and the $55 dried Catalpa seed pod (well that's what it looks like to me.)  Just points out that beauty is in the eye of the beholder! That said, I had a great time window shopping and found some truly gorgeous items and took their pictures!

Antiques & Porcelain by GK;
Glenview, IL
Antiques & Porcelain by GK: I had driven by this store several times - best parking is on Waukegan Rd. just south of Glenview Rd, entering the shop from the rear door.  The shops is run by a very cute couple; Gunter & Gerlinde Kornmesser. GK - get it?  They are helpful in showing items and discussing background on some pieces. Although somehow I felt as if I had broken into their living room rather than a retail shop. I observed a woman selling gold - family heirloms. They told her it wasn't gold at all. She had just kept repeating that "Grandmom said it was gold and my mother treasured it."  What a tough situation. The shop specializes in jewelry and glassware (porcelain.)  Lots of filled glass cabinets and narrow pathways front to back of shop. It's not a large store, but it's packed. Lots of sparkle - in gold tone furniture and gold, crystal and other shiny things.  The products are a mix of antique, vintage, and contemporary pieces.

Glenview Coin & Collectibles -   This shop is next door to Antiques & Porcelain by GK.  The day I visited there were two gentleman working in the shop; I think it was a father & son team.  While I'm not a rare coin gal - it was a very interesting assortment of items from several countries and time periods. They are pretty and I learned about some of the stories behind them.  One side of the store also has estate type jewelry and a small corner of vintage items and antiques.  They have a "grab bin" of international coins at one price (I think it was cents or a $1) I thought this would be interesting for beading, but there were none with holes in the middle.

Collectors Corner Antique Mall; 
Wilmette, IL
Collectors Corner Antique Mall -  The entry is only through the front - while the parking is in the rear.  I found it rather interesting that in February, they had oak chairs on display outside in the snow. I always remember my mother getting unhappy when her oak chairs got wet. Yelling about white spots and didn't we know better. So this seemed like a very odd choice of treatment of these nice oak chairs. The owner couple are helpful - almost hovering as I browsed. This place is larger than I thought, however it is not a large antique mall; perhaps 6-8 rooms.  The building is antique - built in 1907 with nice features.   There is a wide range of items from shabby to Americana and lots of jewelry and many plates and pieces of artwork.  A few larger pieces take up the windows displays.

Heritage Trail Mall - This place was so much larger than I thought. Visiting on a Saturday the store was very full with both shoppers and vendors. The retail space winds between two floors and across what feels like separate buildings. Hence, I very much appreciated the yellow arrows on the floor helping navigate the dead ends and pathways.  There are approximately 70 vendors and 70,000 ft2 or space. Only a few stalls were empty. This is a place to hunt around and peak into corners and cabinets. Speaking of which, I loved a wood cabinet which a vendor had used for jewelry. Fortunately NFS :)  There was one display booth that had many framed game boards. This was so clever and looked great. The frames were rustic and simple. This would be so easy for me to do with some of the old games from my mom. I'll need to file this away.  I could see these in a child's room easily.  They have a calendar of events including a flea market which I think would be fun to attend. 

What a Jewelry Box!
Framed Game Boards

Tiffany Bowl - $450
Josie's - I often just put "antiques" into search on my smart phone map to find new places. That was how I happened upon Josie's - but note, this store was not at the location given on my iPhone.  I characterize this as an eclectic antique store. The store is small with an assortment of jewelry, furniture, and artwork. The gentleman in the shop I believe was the owner Steve Savitt.  It was fun to listed to him discuss one of the pieces of furniture to it's new owners - "the lines" and the "signatures" on it, as well as the history he knew.  There was a passion that was contagious. Last review I mentioned something about high-end antique stores with original Tiffany lamps. It seems appropriate that in Josie's I would be immediately drawn to the original Tiffany bowl on the shelf.  Not only does the bowl have the classic iridescence but also a nice subtle gold trimming on the rim. Plus it is in my most favorite shade of teal blue.  My photo does not do it justice. I wish I could have brought the Tiffany bowl home with me.

If you enjoy this post you might also like to read Teresa's Garden Song first Blog Antique Mall review.  I already have picked out the next set of places I want to explore on the near north side of the city! In Part 3 I will be back to hunting for bargains!

Everything old is new again!

Teresa Marie


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