Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year - New Song... what will I do differently

Its' the end of 2012. Wow - did this year go fast or what?

So what will be different for me in 2013? Lots I hope! I crave change and new adventures. So much to see and do... lots to explore.

My bucket list for 2013, things to see and do, in no particular order...
Palm - fanning out like fireworks explode

  • See a new Conservatory :)
  • See at least 6 new museums in Chicago (maybe...Glessner House, Clarke House, Chicago Cultural Center, Newberry)
  • Do a 5K and 10K and walk a Marathon (unofficial or official)
  • Give more tours at Chicago's Conservatory in Garfield Park and introduce as many people as possible to this gem.
  • Make plans to travel to China (execute in 2013 or 2014 or 2015...)

And of course - a few new years resolutions...
  1. Keep it green(ers) - Stop using grocery store bags (keep the reusable bags in the car, and take them in!); Put up a clothesline = dry outside as possible
  2. Get active - plan it and do it (Volunteering, blogging, exercising)
  3. Write more letters. A lost art that needs to be found.
  4. Read more books (target 12/year min)
  5. Do much better at staying in touch with family and friends - be available to new relationships, do more lunches and dinners (walks!!!)
OK - you can track me on these! I have good intentions - but will it be shown in the activities and decisions I make this year?  Are these resolutions or rough guidelines?  

Make no small plans...

Singing that year end song, Should auld acquaintance be forgot....
Happy New Year to you all!

Teresa Marie


  1. Very good list. I love the Garfield Park Conservatory, but haven't been there in a few years. So have they fixed up all that storm damage?


    1. Jason - Most visitors (and the press) think that it's all been replaced already. It's just a temporary roof is in place in the public display houses, the construction on replacement will start this year. The reconstruction of the propagation houses (back of house) was completed in 2012. Good point that I should provide an updated blog post!! It's on my list.
      Thank you
      Teresa Marie