Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dahlia Diversity - Impressive Showing (Flower Show Review)

This past weekend I attended the Dahlia show at the Chicago Botanic Garden. I so enjoyed seeing all the different varieties. Please  enjoy the photos. If I had thought about it at that time I would have jotted down the names of each of these!

A flower show is essentially a display of only one stem with one flower each submitted by a different grower, or in this case member of the Dahlia association. In this photo below you can see how this is all arranged. I also had a chance to talk with some of the members. I didn't know Dahlias were from Mexico, and of course hybridized in Holland, Europe etc over the years. Those guys did a great job showing off the splendor!

Dahlia Show - Chicago Botanic Garden Sep 2011
There were a few rooms with tables of flowers. Luckily I could get up close and explore each flower that interested me! And take lots of photos. The shots here are my favorites :)

Dahlia - unusual coloring and pointy petals
Dahlia - reminds me of a daisy

Small Dahlia - Compact flowerheads

Dahlia - spiky petals, and varigated!

Large Dahlia - Yellow piepan! Extremely Large

Pink Dahlia - unique curved petals.

Dahlia - probably named somthing like Fire or Sunshine!

Varigated Dahlia - perfect for Valentines or Christmas!

Varigated Dahlia - nice petal form too!

Varigated Dahlia - Bright Yellow and Red, Captivating!

Dahlia - Loved the balance here.

Close up - modern art-like!!

In our area Dahlias need to be pulled each year and over wintered. My mom always dug the tubers and stored them in the basement during the winter. Her dahlias were successful in plenty of sunlight with frequent watering. I just remember plain pink ones in the garden. However, given the diversity I saw at this flower show, I might have to jump in with Dahlias next year!

Please also see dahlia update from a botanic garden on this blog.

Singing Christmas Carols today, partly inspired by the nice red and white Dahlias above, but also did you see that holiday merchandise is already in the stores?

Teresa Marie

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